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Tools and Genuinely Useful Things

Projects to make your professional or creative work on the web a damn sight easier.

Neutral Ads

A different way of tackling adverts in Google Search. Keep the paid ads in search while neutralising the tracking.

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The Creative Web

Having fun with web techonologies to break up the endless doomscroll.

GitHub Game of Life

Not a fan of GitHub's contribution graphs? Then use them as a seed and replace them all with Conway's Game of Life using my Chrome Extension or Bookmarklet.

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Doom Scroller

Are you endlessly doomscrolling on the web? Then I have the solution for you. The only extension to stop you doom scrolling endlessly on the web.

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The Book of Horrors

I trained a machine learning algorithm on over 16,000 pages of the printed @Argos_Online catalog, then set it to work creating its own nightmarish book.

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Ask An SEO

An open source API for SEOs. Any SEO related question can be asked and an honest answer will be returned.

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