PageSpeed Saver

Chrome Extension - Easily save your PageSpeed Insights reports to JSON.

A Chrome Extension that adds download buttons for your PageSpeed Insights reports.

Additional buttons added to PageSpeed Insights to download your data.


With easy access to download your report data, you can drag-and-drop the files straight on to the Lighthouse Viewer to see the report at any time.

If you download your report data before and after any changes you make to your site it's then trivial to drag and drop both files into the Lightouse CI Viewer for a really detailed breakdown comparing the two reports.



Available as a Chrome Extension.

Download from Chrome Web Store


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Known Issues

- If you visit PageSpeed Insights via a link that already contains an URL, the Chrome Extension cannot intercept the data quick enough. In these instances a notice is displayed and by simply hitting cancel and analyze the Chrome Extension will be able to do its magic.



- Support the new version of PageSpeed Insights.


- First public version.


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