Inaccessible Twitter

A bookmarklet to aid accessibility - See how inaccessible your Twitter feed and profile really is.

Media content in your feed without alt text will be blurred to highlight how much content is inaccessible, and alt text will be visibly shown for any media element where it is found.

Image showing how inaccessible Twitter's own account is.

Preemptively Asked Questions

Did you know your own Twitter content has no alt text?

I did, thanks for pointing that out. I created this tool as a way to get my act into gear and to make sure I make an effort to post more accessible content.



To use the Inaccessible Twitter bookmarklet simple drag the link below to your bookmarks bar.

Inaccessible Twitter

Once added to the bookmarks bar click the link while using Twitter to activate it.



- All the changes.

Known Issues

- It's not possible to easily display the alt text of GIFs.


Send me an email via or you can find me on Twitter at @defaced.

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