The Book of Horrors

A nightmarish machine generated Argos catalog.


Everyone in the UK should be familiar with the high street retailer Argos, who last year digitised an extensive portion of their catalog archive, branding this online trove as 'The Book of Dreams'.

I took this digitised collection and fed over 16,000 pages into StyleGAN2, a GAN based machine learning algorithm, taking a snapshot of the trained model at 15,000 and 3000 steps. I set this model to work creating it's own horrific interpretation of the Argos catalog.

The output from the model is eerily nightmarish resembling something closer to an abstract comic at 3000 steps, and slowly moving further towards an infinite catalog of cursed clocks and rings at 15,000 steps.


Latent Space Walk - 15,000 Steps

A walk through of the latent space of the model after 15,000 steps.

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Latent Space Walk - 3000 Steps

A walk through of the latent space of the model after 3000 steps.

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A small curated selection of the output from this model.

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